H.E.R.O Health and Education Relief Organization

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  • How long has HERO been serving the Caribbean community?

    We have been serving Guyana since our inception in 1999. Since then we have provided services to over thousands of people in need in Jamaica and Guyana.

  • Where are HERO headquarters?

    HERO’s main office is in Brooklyn, New York.

  • What is your general reception in the countries where you work?

    HERO generally is well received in the communities it services and the interaction between HERO and the surrounding community is usually very positive. Staff and medical leaders are in continuous contact with local leaders and people of influence in a given area. This helps to ensure that the intentions of HERO are clear and allows for smooth operation of all missions.

  • What measures does HERO take to ensure the safety of its aid workers?

    Volunteers receive general safety information as it pertains to the countries we visit. Students are never alone and are chaperoned to all locations.

    Projects follow an area-specific security plan.

    All volunteers get appropriate vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis if needed, and we have contracts to evacuate members if needed.

  • How do I become a H.E.R.O volunteer?

    HERO is always looking for medical and educational professionals to assist on its missions. Nonprofessionals are always welcomed and appreciated to help in the operations of medical and non-medical activities. If you are interested in volunteering, visit of volunteer page. When you find an opening that matches your skill set, submit your resume along with the online application. You will be contacted by one of our human resources representatives for an interview if your qualifications meet our current needs.

  • What if I cannot participate in a mission but still want to help?

    By making a donation, no matter the size, you are ensuring that people in the countries we serve are receiving the medical care they need and otherwise have no access to for various political and personal reasons, including age and transportation.

  • How far in advance should I apply and register?

    All applications are due three months before the mission.

  • Can I volunteer with a friend(s) or a partner?

    Yes, contingent upon if there are open volunteer positions for the specific program.

  • Can children under the age of 18 volunteer with H.E.R.O?

    No, currently H.E.R.O does not accept volunteers under the age of 18, to any of its programs.

  • How long is each mission?

    Typically, each mission is a week long, starting from Saturday to Saturday.

  • Is there a discount for returning volunteers or volunteers registering on multiple H.E.R.O program?

    There is no discount for returning volunteers as food, board and transportation are provided by H.E.R.O on all missions. The airfare is the only out of pocket expense that is usually more affordable when purchased through H.E.R.O.


  • How do I volunteer with the H.E.R.O Literacy program?

    Apply through the online application. Please click here.

  • Am I required to be a licensed/certified teacher?

    No, it is not required to be a licensed/certified teacher. However a license or Baccalaureate degree is preferable. At a minimum, volunteers must have proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • How long is each mission?

    Typically, each mission is a week long, starting from Sunday to Saturday.

  • What is a typical (classroom) day like?

    Class starts at 9:00am and ends at 12:00pm. Local teachers lead and introduce the lesson for day. Then students are broken into small groups with volunteers for more focused study. Throughout the lesson, volunteers may lead the children in learning activities and/or games to reinforce what has been taught. At the end of the day children receive a snack and prepare to leave. Volunteers also end their day at 12:00pm.


  • Does HERO take medical drug donations? Where does HERO get its medical drugs?

    Yes, HERO accepts drug donations in accordance with the medications currently in use in the countries we visit. HERO also buys from a variety of manufacturers and supplies its own drugs. For example, the majority of our anti-hypertensive drugs are purchased from generic producers in India.

  • How many patients do you see?

    We see hundreds of patients daily. The medical mission can see anywhere from 100-200 patients in one day depending on the site. The vision mission often can see 50-100 patients daily with at least 1/3 of the patients being children. Both the surgical and orthopedic missions have a predetermined number of patients based on the need in the community. These two HERO services provide pre-surgical clinic and pre-op several months prior to the mission date.


  • What types of surgery do you perform?

    The surgical program has several projects currently being conducted at Georgetown Public Hospital.

    • Pediatric Orthopedic Project; focused on performing corrective surgery for children with Clubfoot, Congenital Hip Dysplasia and other lower extremity deformities.
    • Additional projects include: Breast reductions for breast enlargement. Vascular access project for patient requiring Dialysis for Kidney failure. Cleft Lip and Clef Palate corrective surgery.
  • In what countries do you perform surgery?

    Currently all surgical projects are performed in Guyana. We are looking to expand our program to Jamaica next year.

  • Do you do surgery only in Georgetown, Guyana?

    At present most of our projects are done in Georgetown at Georgetown Public Hospital. We have performed surgery at Linden and New Amsterdam Hospitals.

  • How do you identify patients for surgery?

    In conjunction with the surgical staff at Georgetown Hospitals we identify patients that would benefit from surgery. Additionally, patients are identified during and our surgical clinic and via word of mouth through the surrounding communities we serve.

  • Do you have to pay for the procedures?

    H.E.R.O is a non-profit organization that provides both medical and surgical care gratis.