H.E.R.O Health and Education Relief Organization

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H.E.R.O Guyana

volunteersHERO – Guyana is the domestic arm of the U.S.-based, not-for-profit Health and Educational Relief (HERO). Registered under the Friendly Societies Act of Guyana, the local affiliate is headquartered in the heart of the capital city, Georgetown, and governed by a highly motivated team of management, medical and administrative experts. The mission of HERO – Guyana is to improve health, educational and economic outcomes in local communities through better access to primary and preventative health care, public education and related initiatives. In conjunction with HERO- USA, the organization also facilitates the effective and efficient delivery of services to communities of need in Guyana through our annual medical, educational, and other humanitarian missions.

Membership of HERO – Guyana is open to individuals who are least 18 years old, and to corporate entities who subscribe to the mission of the organization. Members volunteer their time, services and expertise. Our leadership team consists of a 7-member executive board whose members serve without compensation. The members of the current executive board are:

  1. Mr. Winstanley Luke President
  2. Dr. Andrea Lambert Vice President
  3. Ms. Vivienne Lowe Treasurer
  4. Ms. Anije Lambert Secretary
  5. Dr. MallikaMootoo Member
  6. Dr. Roscoe McDonald Member
  7. Ms. Gloria Adams Member

To sustain its activities, HERO – Guyana garners funds through donations, grant funding opportunities and various fundraising activities. To become a member, or to otherwise support our efforts and obtain additional information, HERO – Guyana may be contacted via email at or by telephone at +(592) 223-8283.