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Vision Project

vision test projectThe HERO Vision Improvement Project is the most recent addition to our inventory of services offered during our annual medical and humanitarian missions. The program was launched in 2015 in response to a growing need recognized by our frontline medical providers in the field. For some time prior to the formal establishment of the project, volunteers had provided glasses on a limited basis to those in need at our medical outreach sites. However, the Vision Improvement Project now enables us to move significantly further into the arena of comprehensive vision care.

Since the inception of the project, our specialists have performed more than 500 vision screenings and eye exams and provided fully tested and adjusted prescription glasses to more than half of those individuals as needed. Nutritional counseling was also provided to those at risk of collateral vision complications arising from chronic conditions such as diabetes, and referrals were offered as warranted to those requiring ophthalmological interventions for anatomical abnormalities of the eye.

vision test projectOur goal is to continue building the program to provide not only prescription glasses but also to perform corrective surgeries and other interventions as needed for individuals with various forms of visual impairment. Keep your eye on this page for other exciting developments in this newest and rapidly expanding area of our humanitarian relief effort.