H.E.R.O Health and Education Relief Organization

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  • Scoliosis
    We are working to begin a project to provide corrective surgery for children and teenagers who suffer from Scoliosis; an inherited condition that results in curvature of the spine. Severe cases result in significant deformity of the body, severe pain and possible lung problems. At present we are looking to identify a surgeon to perform the procedures.

  • Breast Reconstruction
    The main goal of our plastic surgery project is to provide Breast Reconstruction for women who have had their breast removed (Mastectomy) due to breast cancer. Most women undergo this procedure to treat breast cancer in Guyana which is disfiguring. While we continue to perform surgery for women who have enlarged breast causing severe pain, our ultimate goal is to perform Breast Reconstruction for women with cancer.

  • Vision Program
    The future goal of our vision program is to make glasses for the patients we see at our clinics. Currently we rely on various local providers to do this. While we provide lenses and frames for patients we see in our clinics, a charge may be incurred by our patients in having their glasses made. We hope to acquire an Edger that would allow us to provide eyes exams as well make the glasses needed by our patients.