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Surgical Project

First established in 2007 as Operation Kidcare, the HERO Surgical Program was initially aimed at correcting the congenital deformity in children known as “Clubfoot.” The program has since evolved to provide corrective surgery for a range of lower extremity deformities in children; our current focus is on the correction of Congenital Hip Dysplasia. Since its inception, our volunteer surgeons have successfully performed more than 200 procedures on children ranging in age from three months old to their late teens. We have also successfully trained two members of the orthopedic staff at the Georgetown Hospital in Guyana on the performance of these procedures, and additional trainings are being scheduled as part of our ongoing collaboration and mentorship initiative with local providers.

surgical on goingIn addition to the resounding success of our Pediatric Project, our overall surgery program has also expanded significantly. Over the years, we have added procedures in other specialties including gynecology, arthroscopic surgery for individuals with ligament injuries to joints, plastic surgery that is currently focused on performing breast reductions for women with symptomatic breast enlargement, corrective surgery for children with cleft lip and palate, and vascular surgery for patients with kidney failure.

Our future plans include the addition of breast reconstruction surgery for women who have had their breasts removed due to breast cancer, and corrective surgery for children suffering from scoliosis. HERO is greatly indebted to the many specialists who volunteer their expertise to deliver these life-saving surgeries to children and other patients in need and we are especially grateful to our individual funders whose tax-deductible donations to our organization ensure the success of these annual relief and humanitarian missions.