H.E.R.O Health and Education Relief Organization

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volunteer nursesAt HERO, we are constantly searching for new ways to maximize our operational efficiency and to update, improve and expand the scope and effectiveness of our work. Among our projects currently in development are the following:

  • Expanded Use of Electronic Records
    The implementation of electronic records in our medical outreach missions has enabled us to significantly improve our continuity of care for the patients we serve. In addition to providing a much more secure and reliable system of medical record keeping, the adoption of electronic records also enables us to work more collaboratively with our local health care counterparts and to be much more supportive of their work on the ground. Moreover, these electronic records now constitute an invaluable database for more comprehensive research and analysis. Utilizing this new resource, we are now able to conduct a more detailed analysis of various conditions, including their prevalence, commonality, and the effectiveness of current treatment protocols within the affected geographic areas and demographic groups. The electronic database also enables us to design a more targeted and effective campaign of public education to supplement our medical relief efforts.

  • One Mile Health Clinic Pilot Project
    In addition to our ongoing medical outreach missions to underserved communities, HERO has identified a health clinic within the Linden region of Guyana with which we will establish a pilot partnership to improve outcomes in patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension. Specifically, we will be implementing targeted strategies designed to achieve measurable outcomes in managing these chronic medical conditions. HERO will fund and provide the resources necessary to implement the project. Our goal is to establish a model that can be replicated in other parts of the country to improve the lives of hypertensive and diabetic patients.

    The HERO pilot partnership at One Mile Wismar will seek to achieve a measurable reduction in complications from diabetes and hypertension by supplementing the existing plan of care with appropriate resources and expertise. HERO is currently waiting to secure the necessary authorizations to initiate the project in 2017.