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Cancellation of March Mission 2020

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Board of Directors

John Mitchell, M.D.
New York, New York

Claude Scott, M.D.
Vice President
Brooklyn, New York

Collie Oudkerk, M. D.
Brooklyn, New York

Ieshia King-O’loughlin, M.B.A
Brooklyn, New York

Jacqueline Gulstone, Ph.D., F.N.P.
Brooklyn, New York

Sharon James Ackah, J.D., MPH
Baltimore, Maryland

Kenrick Cort, M.B.A.
Brooklyn, New York

Wayne Sampson, M.D.
Tallahassee, Florida

Orinthia King, M.D.
Brooklyn, New York

Wayne Paul-Bazil, MS, APRN, CRNA
Atlanta, Georgia

March 6, 2020

RE: Cancellation of Mission Scheduled for March 14 – 21, 2020.

To the H.E.R.O Community:
The board of H.E.R.O has been closely monitoring travel and health precautions in connection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has been dubbed a “public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization.” As confirmed cases rise we are also seeing increasing recommendations against travel and quarantine measures being implemented. Additionally, many employers have placed travel restrictions on their staff, making it difficult for H.E.R.O. to properly resource the planned mission with the appropriate number of medical professionals and volunteers. In light of the aforementioned,
H.E.R.O has decided to cancel its mission trip to Guyana scheduled for March 14
– March 21, 2020.

While we regret that this decision impacts the availability of medical services to many who rely upon the relief our missions provide, the safety and well-being of our volunteers is of paramount importance to us, thus, we cannot run the increased risk of exposure to even one person.

Further, we continue to exercise prudent stewardship of the organization’s funds. Our financial officers are working diligently to assess all available options to mitigate any possible financial loss as a result of this unpredictable cancellation.

H.E.R.O recognizes that some of its board members and volunteers may decide to travel independently. However, please be advised that H.E.R.O neither endorses nor encourages travel at this time. Similarly, H.E.R.O does not assume any liability relating to injury or death, risk of harm, or financial loss in connection with personal travel plans or any medical services its members or volunteers may undertake in their own individual capacity.

We look forward to August 2020 when we anticipate we will resume delivery of the medical services to those in need.


John E. Mitchell M.D.