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Wayne Paul-Bazil, MS, APRN, CRNA, Board Member

Wayne Paul-Bazil is an Anesthetist at Emory University and President of the company he founded, Bazil Anesthesia LLC, in Lithonia, Georgia. He is also a volunteer Team Leader and Anesthesia Coordinator for H.E.R.O. Medical Missions. He is a veteran of the Medical Outreach Mission to Guyana since 2016 and looks forward to returning every year. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Wayne moved to Guyana when he was just 10 months old and grew up with his grandmother in Pomona Village on the Essequibo Coast before returning to the United States when he was eight years old. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the CUNY College of Staten Island, and his graduate degree in Nursing/Anesthesia from the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center. He subsequently served for seven years as Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, and for a decade was Clinical Instructor in the Nurse Anesthesia program at SUNY Downstate. It was during his tenure at Kings County Hospital that Dr. Claude Scott, a veteran mission volunteer with the organization, first introduced Wayne to H.E.R.O. Since his first medical mission in 2016, he has attended every year and has been busy recruiting other specialists in his field to participate. So far, he has been able to recruit about three to four fellow anesthetists to volunteer for each mission! Wayne Paul-Bazil has also had high praise from his counterparts at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where most of the surgeries are performed during the missions to Guyana. “The Anesthesia Department at GPHC has been nothing short of extraordinary,” he says. “They always welcome us with open arms and do whatever is necessary to facilitate the work we do best.” For Wayne, there is also the extra emotional benefit that comes from being back in Guyana. “Being of Guyanese parentage, I have a profound affection for the country and I am so blessed to be able to provide safe and prudent care to the underserved population. To interact with all these patients coming from all over Guyana to access the specialized care we bring to the country is an invaluable experience. It is absolutely rewarding and I look forward to being able to continue this work not only for the people of Guyana but in communities of need across the wider Caribbean as well.”