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Wayne Sampson, M.D., Board Member

Dr. Wayne Sampson is a founding member of the Health and Educational Relief Organization (HERO). Born in Silvertown, Wismar, he attended Wismar Hill Primary school and completed his secondary education at Mackenzie High by way of the Christianburg Multilateral School. Upon migrating to the United States from Guyana in 1983, he enrolled at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Brooklyn College.

His strong interest in the biological sciences propelled him to a career in medicine. He completed medical school at Howard University and a residency in Internal Medicine at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC. Motivated by a strong desire to work with the underserved, Dr. Sampson moved to Tallahassee, Florida to work at an inner-city clinic, serving mostly low- income residents. His positive experiences working at the clinic, together with his volunteer experiences serving similar populations in Jamaica and a strong desire to give back to his country were instrumental in his founding of Health and Educational Relief for Guyana, HERO’s precursor.